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?learn what soil made of 

In this lesson we will learn 
?What is soil made of*
?What is soil made of *
?Why soil is important for us *
?How soil is formed*
?How Soil is Made Story*

In our Soil Lesson we will learn The meaning of Soil Soil is the upper layer of earth, in which plants grow. What is soil made of? Soil is made of tiny pieces of rocks, dead leaves, bits of animals, water and air. Do you think soil is important for us? Yes, soil is very important for us. Home for Plants: Soil is where plants live and grow. It gives them a place to put their roots and find food. Without soil, there would be no flowers, trees, or vegetables for us to enjoy. Food for Us: Soil helps grow the yummy foods we eat, like carrots, potatoes, and strawberries. It’s like the kitchen for plants, and we get to eat what it makes. Animal Homes: Many tiny animals, like worms and ants, live in the soil. It’s their home, and they help keep the soil healthy. Playtime: Soil is where we build sandcastles at the beach and make mud pies in the backyard. It’s like a giant playground where we can have lots of fun. Now we will learn How soil is formed? Soil formation, or pedogenesis, happens over a long time due to different processes. Here’s how soil is formed

Learn About The Different Types Of Rocks

Types of rocks
Meaning of rocks
Igneous rocks
EX: igneous rock
Metamorphic Rocks
EX: metamorphic Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks
EX: Sedimentary Rocks

Soil Types

Soil Types intro
Soil means
Sand Soil
Silt Soil
Clay Soil
Loam Soil
Sand Soil Characteristics
Silt Soil Characteristics
Clay Soil Characteristics
Loam Soil Characteristics
Why we learn a different type of soil